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This page is a static place where all cyclists can find information about what we are doing. I’ll update this page when I send out This Week at TRC email. The link will stay the same but the information should change weekly, at least during the summer when we have lots of stuff going on.–Corrie

Feb. 28 through March 6

As I write this in late February the temps are in the low 20s here in the valley and in single digits in Moscow. I saw a cyclist all bundled up crossing the Blue Bridge this morning. The sun was crisp and bright but I wasn’t fooled. And the wind is blowing. Can you say wind chill?

All that is true but I do have over a thousand miles for the year and Doug talked me into a century last Saturday. It was colder than I would have liked but if we hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have gotten my traditional first century in February.

As of Friday, Feb. 25, our new website is up and open for business. Well, almost. You won’t find it by Googling, and your bookmarks will just take you to the old one. Mostly that is current but it soon won’t be.

Logins: You should receive your username and password to login to the new site within a week. Do a couple of things when you first login.
1. Check out your profile to make sure everything is right (top left corner)
2. Configure what information you are willing to allow to display in the Member Directory
3. Change that password. I can reset your password but I can’t tell you what it is.

Bookmarks: If you have bookmarks to internal pages, they will no longer work on the new site even after I transfer the domain name.

Domain Name:
Computers are happy with IP numbers but people prefer a name. So we have registered No one else can use that name. Right now all requests for that page point to our iPower host. Because we might have people looking for Devil’s Slide information, I don’t want to risk their missing us while the new pointers propogate through the domain name system. Therefore I won’t make the changes until after the 6th. I’m told propogation could take as little 10 minutes or as much as 48 hours. So until then, you’ll have to visit us at I’ll make the transfer after you’ve received your logins and after the 6th. You should be able to go to the new site with by the evening of the 7th or on the 8th of March.

Facebook: Bill Arnold started us at Facebook a couple of years ago, but I didn’t get it. Now I do. Even if I don’t like it, lots of us are hanging out on Facebook playing games and exchanging inanities or profundities, I’m not sure which. That means you don’t have time to visit our page.

So, drop on over to our Faceboo Fan Page and Like Us. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m told if we get 25 fans we get a username. That’s supposed to be good. I promise, I’m learning. For now you will see two regular feeds from us. 1. In the Spin posts will now show up on FB. 2. The new TRC Ticker which will replace that flickering reader board at the top of the old page will also appear on FB as well as underneath the main picture on our website.

If you want to learn to change a flat or know more about safe cycling check out the Smart Cycling FB page as well.

Club Express
Not your father’s bike club. Well, maybe that’s going too far. The club is not quite a quarter century old this year. I don’t think we have the sons and daughters of the founders yet, but maybe?

So some changes are coming to Twin Rivers Cyclists this year and we need your help.
1. Do you have a particular expertise or interest that might be of interest to club members? Maybe you’d like to manage the Ice Cream ride page or the Huckleberry Ride or even another new ride? We can easily create new pages and assign them to indivdidual club members to maintain.
2. How about a page and discussion forum for triathletes? Why not? Mike Collins from LCSC has said he’d hang out on such a forum to answer questions and give tips.
3. Couldn’t we do the same with off-road touring?
4. Or, If Jim will ever come out of that cozy snow bank, maybe something on climbing and winter camping.
5. We need organizers to take some of the burden off the board. A lecture series? A new event such as the mountain bike ride Sean wants to host, a family fun day in the park.
6. We need people who are interested in the technology to share the work of administering this system and to take over from me some day.
7. To lead a new ride

The system allows us to send emails to groups of members and even to non-members. We can create blogs and forums, upload pictures to our personal profiles and share them with the club. It is powerful and will mean a learning curve for all of us.

One thing I’d like to ask you to help me with right away is the Event Calendar. I’ll put up an RSVP button soon for the Membership meeting. Having an idea how many are coming should make buying lasagna it little easier and I get to work out the bugs in the registration process.

Renew Online: Nearly everyone’s membership expires on the 31st of March each year. Lots of you bring a check to the membership meeting. This year, I’d like you to consider renewing online. The system should accept your major credit card and not charge you any additional fee. I’m not sure that’s true if you are joining for the first time. But for me the convenience of online registration makes up the couple of bucks extra I have to pay for events.

Yeah, it’s alright if you’d rather pay by check. Just means I have to trundle on down to the bank to deposit it. Online registrations are direct deposited at the end of the month and I can follow all of that with the software’s reports.

Don’t Forget
Membership Meeting March 17th, 6:30pm at Clarkston’s Holy Family School at 1002 Chestnut Street. Entrance on 20th street. Bring a salad or a desert and a friend.


Feb. 28 through March 6

Yeah, me neither. With temps just rising to freezing, I’m not inclined to get on my bike. And though the forecast is for warmer emps, the wind and rain aren’t very inviting either.

We’ve been having our Sunday Cycling Society rides at 1 from Southway since the turn of the year. Hey, and I haven’t always been alone. Donna and Gary and Lee and Jim McCracken have been seen on a Sunday. So, why not you? We won’t be there this week because we are working a the Devil’s Slide Mountain Bike Race. You are welcome to come check us out at the Heritage Center in Hell’s Gate State Park.

Sunday,  March 6, 2001 Devil’s Slide

Sunday Cycling Society 1pm from Southway

If you aren’t going to Devil’s slide you might Meet at Southway boat launch for a 25-30 mile ride. Route determined at ride time. Actually, it’s hot enough now that we’re likely going to be starting earlier. Best way to keep up with ride changes is to join the TwinriversCyclists Google Group.’s Tips for riding a century.

All rides begin at the Southway boat launch unless otherwise noted. Bad weather may keep us off our bikes without notice.

To stop receiving these email reminders, just reply with “unsubscribe” in the subject line.

Corrie Rosetti
Share the road and the ride at Crusty Cassette.


For the Ride of it!
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To post to this group, send email to
To unsubscribe from this group, send email to
For more options, visit this group at

The best way to keep up with ride changes is to join the TwinriversCyclists Google Group.


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